Centrist Social Democratic UNION.

CSDU is an organization engaged in dialogue, advocacy, and continuing education for the promotion of centrist beliefs and principles in pursuing freedom and democracy.  It is also committed to common good values of solidarity, subsidiarity, social justice and the humanistic philosophies that promote the dignity of man enshrined in the social teachings of many of the world religions.  Collaborating with the Asian Institute of Journalism and Communication (AIJC), the UNION has established the Raul S. Manglapus Center for Freedom and Democracy. It is not a political party but will participate in the discussion of political and social issues. Its primary mandate is the formation of new and young idealistic leaders in government, business, industry, academe, and civil society.

The Asian Institute of Journalism and Communication

A graduate school in media
studies in the Philippines. It
is considered as one of the
leading communication
institutions in the
Philippines and the ASEAN

RAUL S. MANGLAPUS Executive Education Programs

Envisioned to be an
organization tasked to
educate and train current
and future leaders in the field
of government, the private
sector and civil society.

Centrist Social
Democratic UNION

To refine and promote centrist ideals for
nation building. The Union will engage in
research, advocacy, promotions, and
publications using traditional and online


    The Launching of CSDU
    November 6, 2018
    The Launching Of CSDU Welcome Remarks By The President Of AIJC, Ramon R. Tuazon